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Preparing for your first competition? Or perhaps already competed, not placed and looking for answers why? Read on.

This article will not give you all the answers to your questions but overall it is a reflection of what you should think about prior to competing.


It is always wise to grab some pen and paper to write down your plan. This generally would be your training split, your food structure, and ultimately who you want to compete with and the class you wish to enter.

In my opinion a lot of people think it is a matter of slipping on some heels, putting on a bikini and stepping on stage, this is NOT the case and if you think this maybe you shouldn’t read on!


When considering your training split, assess your weaknesses, work on body parts which are lacking to bring them up, I can give you a great example of this; when I began my journey this time last year with the intention to compete in May for my first time, I was very over developed, particularly upper body, I had big shoulders, no legs or bum until I talked with my PT/ trainer he brought this to my attention. This is why if you book yourself a Personal Trainer (prep coach) someone who has competed before or prepped others for shows, they have the knowledge and experience to offer guidance throughout your prep. They can offer advice on training styles, muscle groups to work on and overall help you achieve your goals. This is what I did and until someone assesses how you look it can be very easily over looked. Many of us look in the mirror and think we have awesome calves or a great back in my opinion you need to look at the big picture and make sure you adhere to the criteria. Which brings me on to my next subject.

Before making any decisions look at the federation you wish to compete with, I competed with NABBA, if I am completely honest I didn’t have a clue, I’d never been to a show before or competed, I had no idea what I was doing, I was the one doing all the research, picking my PT’s brain, learning each and every day. This is what I would suggest you do to find out as much information about your federation/class that you want to compete with, research the criteria, rules etc as they all vary. This way you have some solid ground to work from. Do not rely on others for information, research it yourself, knowledge is power and we all have to start somewhere. Social media is a great way to ask questions, network with others that have competed in the same class this way you can learn from their success/mistakes.


Plan your diet, structure your meals no more than two-three hours apart, keep things simple you do not need to over complicate a diet. Do what works for you is the most important factor. The key is consistency, keeping to the plan, this is what I focus on doing 100 percent. Set yourself around 12-14 weeks for your prep, this gives you plenty of time to gradually diet down, if of course you need to be shredded for your class or like me you must hold a fair bit of muscle but achieve that toned look with no deep cuts or striations both combinations can be as physically and mentally draining and at times you will doubt yourself, but you must keep positive and take small steps in reaching your ultimate goal.  In terms of supplements you can get everything you need from

Having the best physique is great, but you must have the full package and your presentation can be the difference between not placing and winning, you must practise your posing this is critical, you are presenting your physique to hundreds of people and most importantly the judges you need to make a good impression the split second you walk out. This also applies to your routine you need to have this well thought out, I suggest picking a song that has meaning that way I think it can define your character. 90 seconds may not seem long but when you’re up there and showcasing months of hard work you want something well thought up of. Watch YouTube of past competitors for an idea of what works well you can visualise exactly how it looks on the day.

Tip: Make sure you have your song put onto a CD for the day you can walk out to the music or have the music started whilst on stage you decide.

Usually you need to have your bikini fittings booked in for around 8 weeks out then back again around 3 weeks out so any changes made can be taken into account ready for your show. Everything from waxing, exfoliating to tanning, hair, nails, make up should all be taken into considerations. You still need to pay attention to looking womanly which can give you that edge to looking ‘sexy’, be confident and go out like there like you mean business, if you have put everything into it you will go out there feeling your best ever and so you should. Stay humble, one think I always make clear is that no matter what you have won never change who you are.


Be organised, determined and prepared to fight any obstacles that you come across but most importantly enjoy it, this is easier said than done but I think the more competitions you do the more you learn from your mistakes. However I will not deem it as easy far from it, but it’s a lifelong achievement and a journey you will never forget. Last year was incredible for me, and I will continue to put my heart and soul into what I love the most and that is the disciple of bodybuilding and been a better version of me.

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