Gorilla Forced Entry Method

I finally decided 2014 would be the year I took the plunge and competed in strongman competitions I had been telling myself for years that if I could put on the weight to compete I would I had set myself a body weight target of 111kg at which point I would compete, I had been training for many years following various programs all along the same lines of a body building routine 8-12 reps 6 if I felt powerful all very ‘average’.

I had suitably gained weight to 114kg 7lbs more than my target so after looking for and signing up for my first competition I knew I would need a new type of routine to get ready for the events, I did some basic research and tried one or two very basic routines a lot of 1 rep max’s  but something felt missing the training didn’t feel right or enough, again I looked on the various strongman forums when I saw a thread called Gorilla forced entry, now I’ll admit I only clicked the link as the name made me laugh, I had heard of other methods 5 x 5 standard Westside, cube etc but they didn’t jump out at me, I followed the link and after much head scratching understood how the program worked, here is a link to the site The Gorilla Forced Entry Method which will save a lot of explaining.

I found arranging the new routine fun, knowing what I would be doing in 3 weeks but that it would be fresh and different was great, BUT even though I knew I had found the program I wanted I knew it wasn’t perfect for ME, I do not believe in a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to training what works for you may do nothing for your friend that huge guys routine might make you lose gains. So I looked at what I liked I didn’t feel three days was enough and I love overhead pressing so I made a fourth day also a press day which followed the other press day with regards to max,repetition and dynamic effort, so I now had pull, press (chest),squats and press (shoulders) I continued looking at the program sure the big muscles were getting well worked but what about the smaller ones it just didn’t have enough volume for me, again I tweaked the program I kept the five standard exercises but then added 1-3 others

Pull was now pull with lats and traps

Chest was now Chest with bis

Squat was now squat with calves and tri’s

Shoulders was now shoulders with forearms

I realise a lot of exercises e.g shrugs were listed for pull day already but as I said I wanted more volume, I kept the reps similar to the day’s rep range to tie in with the ME, RE and DE routine. Before beginning the routine I had looked  for some kind of success story someone championing the basic routine and didn’t find much, and so with much trepidation I began the routine and found it to be amazing I felt sore and pumped like I hadn’t in years when I finished my first session. But for the all important results I had put all my effort into growing stronger and was not bothered so much with aesthetics , always a bonus but for now just that a bonus, I was honestly amazed by the improvements for example after I started my second three week cycle my deadlift 1 rep max had gained 50 kg  it wasn’t only there across the board my weights have gone up and upim feeling stronger than ever and I have to believe it’s the variation provided by the gorilla forced entry method. So I encourage you to follow the link and try something different by giving the gorilla forced entry method a go because the variations you can make with this program are endless even if you only follow the basic five exercises with three day split after a three week cycle you can mix it up change things round and keep the body guessing, even if your passion isn’t strongman tweak the program make it a bodybuilding routine or whatever it is you need.

I haven’t included my own routine but will gladly share it with anyone who wants to give it a go you can do this through the monster supplements forum (hickski86) or if your looking to get started in strongman and don’t know where to start again get in touch and look out for my youtube channel coming soon for competition and gym footage amongst other things.

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