Goal Setting for 2014 - Do it!


Now that we're past the Christmas period and are back into training hard, now is the time to re-evaluate where we're currently at and set some targets for the coming year.

Goal Setting can really kick start your year and help you focus and make the most of your precious training time.

There is a goal setting concept known as S.M.A.R.T.E.R. By following this, you can create some targets that will allow you to achieve throughout 2014.


S - Specific

Be specific with what you want to achieve. Rather than saying 'I want to run faster', you should be saying 'I want to improve my 10km run performance'.

M - Measurable

Make sure that your goals are measurable. This means that you should bring some sort of units into the goal whether it be time, weight, resistance etc.  So we can improve 'I want to improve my 10km run performance' by saying 'I want to decrease my 10km pb from 36:50 to 36:00'.

A - Achievable

Don't over stretch yourself! Make sure the goals are actually attainable. Do not set yourself up to fail. Create a number of short term goals with an ultimate goal in mind. This will help you progress throughout the year.

R - Relevant

The goals you set need to be relevant in order to make sure that the goal reflects what you want to achieve overall. e.g. A goal of washing the pots more is not relevant to an improved 10km pb...

T - Timed

Set a time frame in which you are allowing yourself to achieve this goal. Whether you have a race in mind or a holiday to get fit for, always set yourself a deadline. This will create a bit of helpful urgency and keep you focused.

E - Evaluate

Review your goals regularly. Situations may change, so make sure you can adapt the goals dependent on this. Have them written i your training log or on your mirror, so you're reminded of them often.

R - Reward & Revise

After your goal is met, you need to have a reward in mind as an incentive. Whether it is a qualification for another race, a holiday or a new set of training kit, an end reward is a great motivation.

To progress further it is important to revise your goals once completed. You can then create your next goal and continue achieving throughout 2014!



So January is the time to get your year planned and get those targets written out and ready to smash through them.

Make 2014 a year to remember!

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