Rehab Variance

When discussing rehab with clients I’d say 90% of the time their idea of what needs to be done is relatively misled and fairly unproductive.

Rehab of injured muscles, tendons or ligaments is essential. Once an area of the body is injured it will never be as strong as it originally was so in order to try to re-gain maximum recovery rehab has to be on point.

Muscular rehab is a somewhat easier procedure to that of tendons and ligaments. Muscles have a fantastic capillary network meaning the blood circulation around the injured area is fantastic. New nutrients can be transported to the injured area to re-build the injured area and bi-products can be transported away from the injured area.

Dependant on the severity of the muscular injury will depend on what your first stage of rehab will be. Primarily if there is any swelling in the area, cryotherapy is advised (ICE). This is to produce a natural analgesic effect and to reduce swelling in the area. Once the swelling is removed the rehab can be progressed, isometric and eccentric movements are generally recommended at this stage with the use of hot and cold therapy. The purpose of the hot and cold therapy is to act as a vacuum in the muscle. The heat shall vasodilate the muscle causing an increase in blood flow and the ice will cause vasoconstriction causing blood flow to increase its viscosity aiding shuttling out bi-products and toxins. The client should aim to work in a pain free zone throughout rehab, in cases of any indications of pain it’s advisable to stop what you are doing.

Subject to injuries regarding tendons and ligaments, rehab will vary. Instead of attempting to develop muscular strength, the focus should be switched to neuromuscular stability and proprioception based exercises. This will stimulate mechanoreceptors in the ligaments and tendons and slowly help to rebuild them. Again, start at a low level and gradually progress in terms of difficulty.

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