You're A Fighter Not A Body Builder

One thing I keep coming across with regards to MMA training is people still following body building programs rather than MMA programs.

Martial Arts training is about performance; not the look of a fighter but his or her ability. I personally believe in circuit and power sessions. Circuit Training is great for your endurance, remember you don’t count reps when you’re punching the guy, you go until the fight is over and if you have good endurance, you can always run away (I am joking)!!

Explosive power sessions are also important. All fighters are looking to improve power and this comes from explosive movements. Here’s one of my workouts that I put together that has a little of everything that I hope will help you take your first steps into becoming a better fighter;

  1. 50-100 burpees
  2. 5 min footwork agility ladder
  3. Kettlebell circuit;
  4. 1 minute at each station, then 1 minute rest, doing 3 circuits of each in total
  5. Kettlebell swings
  6. Snatch
  7. Floor press alternate arms
  8. Bentover rows
  9. Squats
  10. 5 minutes skipping
  11. 5 minutes shadowing
  12. Cool down

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About the Author

I have always had an interest in fitness; from being involved in various sports at a young age to working in gyms and personal training to help individuals achieve their goals and researching the wide range of sports supplements to assist training. I have been part of the MonsterTeam for some years now and also work in my own gym which is part of a martial arts establishment. I have had a massive interest in body building, but during recent years I have pursued martial arts. I have been involved in the Keysi Fighting Method (KFM) and more recently Defence Labs.
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