The Art of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding and Bodybuilding training is without a doubt an art. In my opinion, it is not just for those competing in such competitions as the UKBFF or NABBA etc. The general misconception that it is just a combination of lifting weights and eating a high protein diet, does not even begin to touch the surface. The training element alone comprises multiple multi-variation exercise routines, based around each muscle group designed to develop overall size and aesthetic bodybuilding shape. Unlike the mass majority who train in the gym, someone with a bodybuilding mentality will not adopt a generic training program.

So don’t be afraid to try something different!

Too many would rather continuously build and build upon their already developed body parts (due to the satisfaction it provides). A bodybuilders plan will be centred on bringing up weak or lagging body parts to create a proportionate and balanced physique......or what is known as “the total package”.

To make things even more complex everyone’s body begins as a blank but different canvas and everyone’s journey/learning experience is and should be different. One thing I have learnt which I hold in high regard, is even though the scientific principles behind the sport hold strong, how they should be utilized by the individual will vary.

It is not the case that one size fits all!

Be creative and as different as you are, do not just copy others. Anyone who has walked this road or competed in a bodybuilding competition will tell you it takes years of hard work in the gym and time planning, implementing and adjusting your personal routine to achieve a winning physique. This said, the development of the overall muscle structure (using such nutritional aids as ISOPURE Perfect Mass for these mass building stages) is only one half of the game.

The second aspect is the pre-competition diet needed to deplete the body’s fat stores in order to expose the detailed contours of this muscular frame. For this a carefully calculated calorie deficit with the addition of thermogenics, diuretics and anti-catobolic agents such as PhD Lean Degree and M.S.T RPG are needed to bring about the changes required. Again this process and how the individual’s body responds is different from person to person.

Many people when asked train with a goal of reaching their desired physique, all of which can most likely show you a photo or someone who is close to what they are trying to achieve. But when assessing their routine, in no way does this mirror what would be needed to provide these results. The answer you are looking for if your physique is not where you want it to be is don’t just step into the gym unprepared each day............ conform to the art of bodybuilding! Really ask yourself does your routine reflect your goal? To many lose track of this.

Assess your weaknesses, pre-construct a short and long term program designed around these and like a jigsaw watch the pieces fall into place. Bodybuilding is not just lifting weights......ITS AN ART!

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