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“You want to improve?? Well, get OUT of your comfort zone!”

To improve in any aspect or walk of life it’s them who dare to take the calculated risks that succeed. Those who are content and work within their comfort zone are wasting their time and will remain put. FACT.

Learning and self development is all about failure and learning from mistakes and having the character and determination to learn and rebuild from a fail or knock.

As the old saying goes, good things do come to those who wait but the best things will come to those who know how to seize an opportunity and exploit an opening! So having said this; never be afraid to try something new and different. It’s always good to see what works well for you as an individual; everyone is different so in terms of training and fitness everybody responds differently to various stimuli. Don’t hesitate to vary your rep range; don’t hesitate to throw something completely different in the mix. Take your generic daily/ weekly exercises completely out of your plan and train with completely new ones or weak areas!

Be willing to explore, be willing to fail but more importantly be willing to learn in order to move forward.
I believe this concept applies to not only training but business also. If you are stationary and content with your current situation remember there will always be somebody out there willing to fail, willing to take a risk and willing to learn. It’s only a matter of time that person will find a solution to surpass you and for you to become second best.

Don’t take this approach from next week or next year, start today! Take each training session as it comes and give it your all, plan and prepare your sessions and strive for improvement all of the time with each exercise, each set and with each rep. The main battle you will ever encounter is against yourself psychologically. Get in the right frame of mind, think positive and do what you set out to achieve, it’s there for the taking – but do you dare take it?

A great clip from the film Any Given Sunday below –

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