Rugby Pre Season Update

Monster Supplements Rugby Guru Rob Shaw gives his latest Pre Season Update:

Hey guys I hope you have all been enjoying the Rugby League World Cup. There have been some interesting games, and it’s good to see the likes of the USA & Italy coming through strong & showing they can play & compete against some of the best teams in the world.

Any way we will speak about the World Cup near the end. How is your pre-season going? I have just started hitting the hills. I believe strongly in hill work, as it not only increases your speed, strength & fitness but when it comes to those match days & your body is trained to run up a hill at max speed, imagine how you will fare on a flat track. I always do my sprint work up hills & it’s great for conditioning.

Here is a routine I use that works really well for me & conditions me to sprint hard over a short distance (getting away from those defenders) & also conditions me for those long break away tries or getting myself in a position to support a team member whom has made that break.

Defence: x3 sets of 6 getting off the line and sprinting 15m uphill, going down on my belly & getting back onside hitting the ground again straight up and sprint off again x6 times. On the 6th one I sprint 100m uphill as if I was getting back to return a kick or chase a kick. I always slightly increased the distance as so when it comes to a match day my body was well conditioned to cope with variable distances.

Shuttle Runs: x3 sets – I would make x3 markers one at 20m mark another at 50m & another at 100m. I would start at the beginning on my belly, sprint to the 20m, back to the beginning, hit the floor and sprint to the 50m, back to the start hit the floor then sprint off to the 100m. My recovery would be a walk back to the start & I would go through this another two times, so three in total.

Sprints x3 sets at each distance: - x3 @20m x3 @ 50m x3 @ 100m

I try to cover a wide variety of distances, so I can be quick enough to make that break & get away from defenders but also have a enough in the tank to go the full length if need.

Also with hill sprinting, when I was getting tackled, I had the strength to pump my legs to make those all-important few extra yards for my team.

Give it a go guys, you will see the benefits.

I have just started taking the new PhD VMX2 pre workout & it has really helped me with this type of training, getting me well pumped for sprints & I always have a PhD Recovery shake when I finish.

Good stuff guys, I look forward to my next article which will be about “Why are all the South Sea Islanders all so big” Yours in Sport Rob.

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