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Monster Supplements Rugby Guru Rob Shaw talks about his pre-season preparations for 2013-2014:

All About Pre Season
The Rugby League season has been finished for around a month & I have not been involved in any international or representative games, I have managed to get away for a quick holiday, but now I'm back it's time to think about pre-season preparations.

I always used to prepare for a good hard winter pre-season. Prior to pre-season I always concentrated on bulking up & strength as I know during pre-season we would work on stamina & game related situations which are always cardio vesicular, so I was not worried about being slightly overweight coming into pre-season, as I knew the weight would fall of me.

The Diet
My diet always consists of high protein & carbs when bulking, the supplements I would look at using would be a high calorie supplement like PhD Growth Factor Mass, which has helped me gain a lot of lean muscle mass.

I would also take creatine & a recovery drink, even though the Growth factor mass is very good for recovery too.

The Gym
In the gym I would concentrate on my strength & muscle growth by lifting heavy weights and trying to increase this weight every session.
I would concentrate on individual body parts each session, each gym session would include two exercises on each body part. I would do this 3 times a week with a day’s rest in-between. During my rest days I would eat lots & just keep well fuelled up.  One day would be a 10k run or bike ride just to keep my stamina slightly up. I never wanted to go into pre-season at the peak of my fitness, as I like to use pre-season to do this & be ready for the first game of the season, super fit, strong and fresh. I know nothing compares to match fitness but I tried to be as close as I could be for our first game as I wanted to hit the ground running & improve on everything each game. I think as long as you recover well during the week, complete all your training & eat well & take your recovery, you can stay pretty fresh & injury free through the season.

Preparing for pre-season was massive for me as I never wanted to go into pre-season having done nothing has been amateur trying to cram all training in during pre-season was impossible. So I liked to bulk up build strength prior to pre-season then during pre-season, I would just keep it topped up as I leaned up so that gave me strength, power, stamina & a lean physique by the time the season came along.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please feel free to email me,

Good luck with pre-season & the games ahead. Train Hard Play Hard. Rob

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