Mark Meets... Sarah Allen IFBB - Miss South Pacific and Miss Australia 2013

So firstly, what started your journey in Bodybuilding?

I first started weight training when I wanted to tone up a bit for the Australian Swimsuit Calendar shoot I had coming up so I started going to the gym with my partner. Since I had no other females to work out with I would work out with Chris just doing what he did with a fraction of the weight. It was addictive!

The biggest adjustment though was my diet. After seeing the massive difference a clean and calorie/carb controlled diet made to my body as well as cutting out all alcohol and soft drinks. I don’t think I could ever go back to eating the way I used to.

I started watching Olympia and the Arnolds on YouTube and saw that they had a bikini section.
“These girls are amazing!” I thought to myself.
I then had my new goal!

Is there anyone in particular that has inspired you to be as successful as you are?

Jaime Baird has been one of my earlier inspirations, not only how she looks on stage but how she lives her life and the supporting relationship she and her husband have.

Nicole Nagrani, It was a real honour to get to speak with her back stage at IFBB FitX Melbourne She is one of the most bubbly and friendly girls not to mention winning Bikini Olympia and the Arnold International in the same year.

We know to be in shape you need to train hard. So what would be your favourite workout?

 At the moment it would have to be glute workouts.  I like the motivation that one day I may look like Nathalia Melo (Just joking… but I can dream. ;)
Sarah Allen

Having the right diet is just as important; what is your overall outlook on nutrition as a whole?

Keeping it simple and keeping yourself healthy, whether you are competing or not, is most important.  Make sure you’re putting your body’s need to thrive above your need for perfection or change.  Your goals can still be achieved while keeping you and your body happy and healthy.


Many people get bored of their meals when competing, what would you say your favourite meal is in competition?

Kangaroo, sweet potato and green beans.  I prefer the way I eat during preparation for a comp because of how good my body feels. I have more energy and I am generally happier.  I don’t starve myself or go without having any carbs, I wouldn’t last long if that was the case.

 Supplements are a massive part of the bodybuilding and fitness industry too. What are your go-to supplements?

L-Carnitine, a good Greens powder, Creatine and BCAAs.  Finding products you like might take a while so make sure that when you buy one you research what other people have said about the product not just what advertising tells you.  At the end of the day every brand will tell you theirs is the best.  Check out forums, product feedback and sites or sellers that have a good range of products with no biased opinion.

PhD Nutrition Greens

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Hard work with both training and diet earn success. What would you say is your greatest achievement to date?

 In competing it would have to be winning the IFBB South Pacific Championships held in Tahiti a couple of months ago and winning the IFBB Australian National Championships.

Sarah Allen 2

And finally, what is the Sarah Allen top tip for any aspiring athletes out there?

You have to stick with it!

It won’t happen in a week or maybe even a month but the key to seeing the changes you want is consistency.  Find ways to enjoy your workouts, put on your favourite shows while doing cardio, meet up with friends for workouts, don’t look at working out as a chore, you need to be able to enjoy what you are doing each day even if it is challenging at first.

Remember at one point in our lives we found it challenging to walk, then hard to talk, read, write etc. Everything is challenging at first.

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