Rugby League World Cup Training

Monster Supplements in-house Guru Rob Shaw talks to Scotland's RLWC star Dave Scott.

What are your preparations so far for the RLWC 2013?
We are currently training in Workington to prepare for the RLWC 2013. Each training day is different as we have limited time to prepare. Some days we will have a session in the morning which is position specific followed by weights, and after lunch we will do a team session to put our structures in place.

Other days may only be a short and sharp skills session or we may get some conditioning, if it is required! But everything is monitored by the team we have behind us and training loads are adapted dependant on the well-being of the players. We are very fortunate to have a very professional team of sport scientists, who are there to make sure we do the right amount of training at the right times.

What about diet and nutrition?
In terms of diet, we are provided three quality meals a day. We have a very good nutritionist in the team who ensures we eat the right things at the right times. When we are at the training ground we usually have lunch cooked by the team chef who also ensures everything we eat will benefit us. Each day we take vitamin supplements, whey protein and carb shakes to optimise our performance. Before a match pre match supplements such as caffeine tablets and BCCA tablets are also made available.

What do you do about recovery? 
For our recovery we always do a pool session after training and the team Physio will be there if we require a rub. Other things such as foam rollers are also made available to us. It is just as important to look after ourselves off the field as it is on it. This will ensure our bodies are ready for whatever the World Cup throws at us!

What about the rest of the team, those who are not on the field, the back room staff?
We have a great team behind us who make sure we are doing everything possible to optimise our performance and I cannot wait until our first game against Tonga which will be a very physical encounter! We have a team goal of making the quarter finals of the tournament which I believe is more than achievable, if we do all the little things right on and off the field!


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