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N-Acetyl Cysteine

Society is in a state of chronic inflammation, never before has our society been plagued with chronic metabolic disorders as we now are witness to. Pollution, diet and lack of exercise are all causes of our deteriorated health, however there are ways in which we can not only restore our health but also increase our immunity to infection.

Glutathione is an endogenous anti-oxidant responsible for cellular health and defense against free radicals and oxidative species. When levels of glutathione deplete our liver and processing units are impaired causing toxicity to occur. NAC is a very important element in the process of glutathione production and has even been supplemented in extreme cases of drug overdose to replenish glutathione, hence relieving toxicity of drug exposure. When we restore Glutathione we also increase our defense against cytokine proliferation which in tern increases the body’s insulin sensitivity, this enable healthier composition and metabolism. Dr. Kandala R. Atkuri from Stanford went as far as to suggest that NAC role in glutathione regulation is so pronounced that it may aid the treatment of infections, genetic defects and metabolic disorders.

Exercise for composition change is often halted due to immunity exposure following intense training. This is in part due to oxidative stress, which causes a proliferated cytokine response thus increasing the likelihood of foreign entities to deregulate our immune system. NAC however reduces the master cytokine signaler NK-kb (nuclear factor-kappa , thus creating a more regulated inflammatory response and reduced oxidative damage. Therefore when we supplement NAC we will increase recovery time via corrective management of cytokine response.

Diet is vital for composition change yet bacterial elements may be causing endocrine disruption thus creating an environment of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. H.pylori is an organism (bacteria) which causes leaky gut and poor assimilation of nutrients not to mention inflammation of the gastro intestinal tract. NAC inhibits H.pylori growth whilst reducing cytokine response caused by H.pylori thus enabling a stronger more effective defense to destructive bacteria.

As we aim to train harder and eat well it would only make sense that NAC will supplement these goals and as such should compliment any compositional training/dietary regime.

Safe recommended dosages 600-1800mg daily for 3 months.

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