Training Partners - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Most of us who go to the gym on a frequent almost regimented basis will have a training partner in all likelihood. This can be a terrible and great thing all in the same sentence depending on a number of factors at play here. Experience, mind-set, attitude, goal and reliability. If your training partner takes a deep interest in the gym, reads articles on the value of Omega 3s for fun and enjoys a gruelling leg session they are almost guaranteed to be worth their weight in gold. In contrast if all they are interested in is the blonde on the cross-trainer, how many pints they can handle on a heavy night out and who can curl the biggest dumbbells (with over compromised form) then they probably either need a wakeup call or the nudge.

Seriously though, are you getting the most out of your training sessions? Are you being pushed to new limits every week or are you merely dossing about going through the merry motions whilst updating your social media accounts? It’s so sad but so true. We see this far too frequently.

If you are all about progress then you need to challenge your will to go beyond your comfort zone, it’s never an easy experience. When that pain tickles your threshold and you are comfortably at that level your instinct will tell you to shut off. A good training partner will get in your ear and tell you to keep pushing that bit more. A bad training partner won’t notice because they are either pouting in the mirror, texting someone or eyeballing someone they believe to be attractive.

It sounds humorous and to an extent it is because it’s laughable. Really, training means just that – hitting the gym, enjoying a session which challenges you that bit more and getting something from it. Think, does your training partner enhance or detract from your goals? Be real.

This weekend I went through a back and triceps session with a great friend. He pulled me up on minor things which he felt were important – the angle I was sitting at, the positioning of my legs and even my range of motion (stretching an extra inch at the top) and do you know what? I am hurting like Mike Tyson has used the back of my body as a punch bag! That’s a good training partner. Someone who points things out to help and improve your progress. Not someone who massages your ego, tells you that you are the strongest person in the world and never points out you are doing something wrong.

Get yourself a good one!

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