Train Like An Athlete, Look Like One - 4 Steps To That Athletic Body

If we were to take a look at a range of elite athletes who competed in specific sports and then tried to create a hybrid of their training do you think it would work? We aren’t sure but thought it would be a very interesting topic to cover. Leigh Halfpenny, George St. Pierre, Usain Bolt, Chris Jenkins, Bobby Lashley – these are all guys who sport incredible physiques and perform at the very highest level within their chosen discipline. They are all lean, muscular, strong, powerful and healthy. The world renowned coach and leading authority, Charles Poliquin said ‘’success leaves clues’’ and that is so true. Collectively between these athletes we have compiled 4 points which their training has in common. If want to look like a powerful, lean, strong athlete then it’s a good idea to train like one.

1 – Sprint
Most of those who participate in a healthy and active lifestyle tend to do a lot of running, jogging specifically. The thing is each of the athlete types we listed will in fact do a lot of sprint work. This keeps them powerful and fast within their chosen sport. Sprinting is also one of the best ways to burn fat!

2 – Lift Heavy
You won’t catch these guys doing many ‘’toning’’ or ‘’pump’’ sets but instead hitting heavy lifts in a lot of their sessions. Close to maximal lifts, maybe 90-95% of their one rep max on exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench press and military press. Again this keeps you lean, fast, strong and powerful.

3 – Lift Fast
When these guys aren’t lifting heavy in the gym they are lifting fast. Working with 50-55% of their one rep max on the big compound lifts they will focus on being as explosive as possible as they lift these weights. This again develops power and strength. And you guessed it, this kind of training helps keep you lean!

4 – Multi-Joint Lifts
Bench pressing, squats, deadlifts, military press, clean & press and push pressing all take precedence over the likes of concentration curls. These guys have big arms because they lift heavy and they are explosive with multi-joint exercises. You won’t catch them spending an hour hitting biceps from 7 different angles.

Lean, hard dense muscle describes the physiques well of athletes like this. They possess what many would describe as the ultimate male physique. Applying these 4 training protocols to your plan will certainly help you become the best athlete you can be.

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