The Ultimate Balancing Act - Eating For Enjoyment & Progress

There’s compromise and there is just being miserable. Do 95% of people who want to get in great shape need to sacrifice some of their less than ideal eating habits to a great extent? Yes. If you want a lean, muscular physique yet don’t want to give up your 4 biscuits with your cuppa at 11, your cake in the evening and pizza a couple of times a week then you might find yourself swimming against a current too strong. There will be some who are an exception to the rule but let’s forget those because it won’t apply to most of you unfortunately. However, to say you can’t eat any chocolate, any pizza or any cake as part of your overhauled lifestyle plan would also be inaccurate. Everything in moderation certainly isn’t accurate, that implies a bit of everything is OK with a firm pat on the back. Not the case. Instead we can implement your favourite treats into a plan at a point where it all becomes an effortless day to day lifestyle plan.

So how do you reach that point? That’s exactly what we are going to explain now. Grab a coffee, get comfy and discover your path to an enjoyable yet progressive lifestyle.

Step 1 – Insulin Health

It is often the over consumption of your favourite sugar ridden treats which leads to your love handles growing over time. This is related to insulin resistance which happens over time as you become less and less tolerant of carbohydrates (partly genetic, mainly diet induced). With that said we want to fix that as safely and as fast as possible. For the first 4 weeks we will adapt a high protein, high fat diet with plenty of fibrous carbs however we will eliminate sugary carbs. Starchy carbs such as sweet potato will feature in small amounts around the lifting window and that’s all.

With your fat intake Omega 3s are a massive focus to accelerate improved insulin sensitivity. Omega 3 supplementation is fantastic here.

Step 2 – Find Your Baseline

We will all have a specific weight and body composition at which the body likes to remain at due to homeostasis. Even with a revamped diet plan it will have its comfort zone. Find it and hold yourself therefore 2-3 weeks to ensure you are at that point. From here you can progress at a much faster rate because you have put things in motion to combat insulin resistance and you now have a point of reference. It is as a simple as gradually working towards a weight which is ideal from here.

Step 3 – That Balance

Once you reach a point where you are almost happy or even better, completely happy you can gradually make additions to the diet which will allow for more flexibility. Your first starting point is your post-workout meal. Look to enjoy a carb based meal after your leg workout (s) first of all in the post-workout environment. From here you might add in a high carb day once every 7-14 days to protect your metabolism and accelerate it. During this day it wouldn’t be bad of you to enjoy 25% of those carbs from more ‘’naughty’’ sources. The trick is on these days to keep fat to a minimum though.

Work from here – now you have a high carb day and some room for some extra carbs once or twice a week depending how frequently you train legs.

It is as simple as solving the issue, allowing your body time to adapt and then working out a plan which affords you balance and progress simultaneously.

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