Reintroducing Carbs!

The reality for a large percentage of the population is that their carbohydrate intake will need to dramatically be reduced initially in order to get results. In doing so we are giving the pancreas time to recover, allowing insulin sensitivity to build and in turn creating an environment where carbohydrates can once again be included without fat gain or health issues occurring. Of course, we need to make up the rest of the calories lost from the carbs from healthy fats and maybe additional protein.

The question is though, how does one go about reintroducing carbohydrates the right way in order to gradually build tolerance, accelerate fat loss and enjoy them! This is exactly what we are going to cover today.

1 – Windows Of Opportunity

The first thing we need to consider when reintroducing carbs into a diet plan for an individual who is overweight and has served a period, typically of 4-6 weeks ‘’carb free’’ is where to get those carbs in during the day. The answer is in the post-workout meal! Glucose tolerance is heightened after lifting weights because of the up regulation of insulin sensitivity. This presents an ideal opportunity to get some carbs in. What it doesn’t mean is scoffing down donuts and cookies. A nice basic natural carb meal such as sweet potato wedges or baked potato is a great start. What would be even better, initially would be Waxy Maize powder approximately 30 minutes afterwards however we have to realise people in this category will probably mentally prefer to eat their carbs.

2 – Assess And Progress

Presuming you lift 3 times a week that means you are now consuming carbs three times a week. In all likelihood you are probably noticing no adverse effects, such as fat gain. In fact you will probably notice your progression is accelerating as your metabolism begins to react favourably with the carbs. From here you can begin to schedule in some extra carbs. As a starting point, every 10-14 days aim for 2-3 carb meals on that day, again sticking with natural carb sources over processed alternatives which are often ridden with high fructose corn syrup.

3 – Gradually Increase

You will eventually hit a basal line which you won’t need to go over. The thing is, from point two you can gradually build towards that. Try adding in waxy maize in your post-workout shake and then a solid carb meal 60-90 minutes later. Try bringing those ‘’high days’’ closer together as you get leaner, maybe every 7-10 days instead.

The general theme here is gradual progression. It works well and the science supports the logic!


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