Omega 3s Explained!

Omega 3s have become a buzz word in the health and fitness industry. Even mainstream food brands add them to their ‘’health’’ foods and then decorate their packaging with the label to signify the fact that this product is indeed a health conscious food. There are many foods, products and ingredients which receive praise but Omega 3s have to be top of that list. Today we are going to get a little geeky and learn more about Omega 3s, their benefits and why everybody should be using them!

Omega 3s are poly-unsaturated fats (there are 3 main categories of fat) and there are two main versions – DHA and EPA. Most people’s diets are far too rich in Omega 6s which leads to excessive inflammation within the body among other issues. By improving the balance by eating a diet rich in Omega 3s and supplementing with Omega 3s you can alter these things and in doing so improve health and fat loss potential.

Omega 3s are fantastic for –

Improving insulin sensitivity which makes fat loss easier
Improving the HDL to LDL cholesterol ratios (HDL being good and LDL being bad)
Improving cognitive function

In relation to fat loss the key point here is improved insulin sensitivity. When we follow diets rich in saturated fats (which isn’t a bad thing, they have many important roles such as hormone production!) our cells can become more insulin resistant. This occurs when the structure of the cell wall becomes more rigid. As a result nutrients aren’t as able to travel through the cell wall to the mitochondria where they need to go in order to be processed. To counter act this using Omega 3s helps keep the cell wall structure more fluid in turn allowing for better nutrient uptake in the cell and better insulin health! This all equals better fat loss.

One of the best ways to increase Omega 3 intake is to eat more oily fish such as fresh salmon and organic eggs. There are rich in DHA and EPA, direct sources of both Omega 3s. Foods like walnuts are also rich in Omega 3s however they mainly come from ALA, a precursor to DHA and EPA. Numerous studies show that the conversion rate from ALA to both DHA and EPA are fairly low although it is slightly higher in women. As a result we believe it is best to get your Omega 3s from direct sources as listed above and of course supplementation. Purely for value and convenience we believe that Reflex Omega 3s represent a fantastic purchase and is the one we recommend to you.

Omega 3s are one of the best supplements you can take and one of the cheapest! There is no excuse, get yours today by clicking here!

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