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Over the weekend I headed up to Cardiff and trained at my usual gym there, Universal Fitness. It is a sensational gym with many elite athletes training there – we are talking Olympic coaches, pro rugby players, football players, physique competitors and even fighters. One coach who I have looked up to for some time is a gentleman called Scott Francis. He has an extremely impressive client list and I was fortunate to bump into him this weekend along with his better half, Francesca Fox who is a fantastic fitness chef!

One topic Scott discusses a lot which I have taken on board is neuro-association. Essentially what this means is the way you are wired or have become conditioned to think about certain things in your life. It might be that in sunny weather you are happy because it is ‘’good’’ and in rainy weather you are more prone to being miserable because it is ‘’bad.’’ It is a very powerful subject and one I feel can make a great deal of difference to most people’s lives.

As a teenager I read a book on success and one point which the author made was that you should make an effort to be positive. When people ask ‘’how are you doing’’ reply with enthusiasm, happiness and positivity. It went on to expand on similar teachings outlining the fact that doing so can make all the difference to the rest of your life. The ‘’feel good’’ factor rubs off on other areas of your life is the idea.

Going back to Scott’s point on neuro-association I think more people need to be conscious about what they are saying. If they put a negative slant on everything they say without even knowing it then it will almost certainly detract from their day to day life and more so have an impact on their outcome. An example Scott uses is successful businessmen and the fact that they regard sleep as a bad thing, they want as a little as they can get away with in order to allow them to progress their business empire further by the hour. In contrast, a lot of people would happily take an extra 2-3 hours’ sleep a day if they could. It’s all about the way you view something, a positive or negative, what those things are and in turn how they affect you.

As a take home point I would encourage you to start avoiding negative situations and even describing things in this light unless it is absolutely necessary. You will immediately notice the difference once you do this.

In doing so making progress in the gym becomes that much more enjoyable and achievable. You aren’t so stressed, you begin to enjoy each meal more, each session more and before you know it what was a chore is now fun. Positive minds lead to great things. Associate things in your mind wisely!

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