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Millennium Sport Technologies (MST) Cre-O2 has been dubbed for some time as our favourite creatine supplement. It’s an extremely competitive and complex category so for any product to head the list of ‘’go to’’ supplements it really needs to tick all the boxes. Millennium Sport Technologies have certainly put the work in on this product, that’s for sure. What exactly gives Cre-O2 to the edge though and is all of this praise really warranted? Absolutely.

To provide a little background information let’s first explore the overall benefits of creatine as a generic term. Creatine is one of the most scientifically researched and backed supplements money can buy today. Having hit the market over a decade ago there has been an awful lot of time, energy and focus spent on analysing the benefits. Creatine has been shown to improve ATP resynthesis within the muscle which is imperative to –

Muscle performance/endurance


Why? Simply because ATP is the body’s energy currency. Improve the rate at which it is resynthesised and you will improve the above! Excellent.

More than that creatine is also known to help increase the size of your muscles by acting as a volumising agent, drawing water into the muscle. Again, excellent.

So why choose a premium product like Cre-O2? It’s a relevant question that’s for sure but the answer lies in the methods used to create this product and perhaps more importantly coat this product.

The thing is, when we supplement with creatine it is said up to 85% of it never reaches the muscle cell along its journey through the stomach. In short, it is a stubborn character and getting it to the muscle cell is no easy feat. The harsh acidic environment within the stomach proves too much for it.  Millennium Sport Technologies focussed on this and created something they call an ‘’enteric coating’’ which keeps the blend of 4 creatines within completely stable whilst travelling through the stomach. It’s a logical step forward and provides a strong explanation as to why users of Cre-O2 do indeed notice a significant difference.

Millennium Sport Technologies have used 4 forms of creatine within this blend labelled the Cre-XS matrix. They have developed this with the belief that using 4 pathways is greater than one to maximise ATP resynthesis. It seems to work very well indeed!
The final element of Cre-O2 is the ATP-O2 Catalyst which acts as an energising agent during your workouts. The function of this formula is to maximise the muscle cell’s ability to utilise oxygen which in turn supports efficient energy turnover.

We love this product and have for some time now! We have tried it many times and we notice the difference.

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