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One of the first lessons I learned when I got into the fitness industry, at the age of 16 was that blood sugar management was essential to transforming your physique from a physiological and psychological angle. Admittedly at this point in my life it was all for pleasure, I was still a student after all. However I was a student of nutrition and this particular topic really grabbed me. It made sense to me, I clicked with it and 7 years on I can help people make a dramatic change to their physique and health just by covering these points.

What is it?

Blood sugar management simply refers to the food we eat, how often and in what quantities which will in turn dictate your blood sugar levels. This can affect your mood, energy levels and hunger in the short term and body composition in the medium to long term.

How can I manage my blood sugar levels affectively?

This is a great question! There is a lot to be said for eating regularly. Two people with roughly the same stats can both eat the same food across the day. One can eat that food across 5 smaller servings, eating every 3-4 hours. In contrast the other person could eat the food within 2-3 meals. The difference in their blood sugar levels at points of the day will however differ (usually!). By spreading your food across smaller servings, eating every 3-4 hours you can control your blood sugar levels far more effectively and in doing so prevent peaks and troughs which can ultimately lead to acute hunger, low mood and poor concentration levels.

That’s the basic outlook. Looking a little deeper you also need to consider what food you are eating. If your diet is low in protein and fat and carb rich you will certainly be more susceptible to poor blood sugar management. Protein and fats help us regulate this very well as does adequate fibre intake. This is why diets rich in protein, healthy fats and fibre complemented with some carbohydrates where needed (usually around workouts) is often the preferred method.

By addressing this we can prevent the onset of cravings for sugary foods, improve insulin sensitivity, accelerate fat loss and improve energy levels. Who wouldn’t want that? For the next 14 days try following the advice in this article, eating every 3-4 hours, mainly protein, fats, fibre and saving your carbs for the pre and post workout window. This isn’t perfect for everyone but I would be amazed if most of you wouldn’t see the difference.

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