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This weekend I was having a discussion with a family member and it quickly hit home just how far out most people are in relation to their knowledge of good nutrition. Whilst that wouldn’t be such an issue if it was an ‘’out there’’ kind of hobby but the reality is that it’s relevant to everyone’s health. Is this why most people are overweight? I would suggest it might have something to do with it!
The story went, ‘’meat is bad for you, but I like it so. . . .’’ to which I responded ‘’why is it bad?’’ ‘’Well it is isn’t it – the fat and cholesterol especially in red meat.’’ It then developed from there to saturated fat being the bad guy along with cholesterol. To put a big fat cherry on top of the cake it then went to ‘’but it is all about moderation, a bit of everything.’’ That is possible the most stupid statement I come across these days.

Cholesterol is good, provided it is rich in HDL (high density lipids) which are good cholesterol. They help control and suppress LDL (low density lipids) which are harmful. Good cholesterol is a healer in many different ways.

Saturated fat plays a key role in the development of testosterone which is absolutely essential in men and women!! Provided you are taking enough Omega 3s into your diet to support cell permeability then you shouldn’t avoid saturated fat!
In fact, the only fat you need to avoid is hydrogenated fats, which you will by default if you avoid processed junk. Problem solved!

And so the discussion went on.

This is a fair illustration of a lot of people’s knowledge on nutrition and it is somewhat alarming. When you consider these adults don’t just feed themselves, they apply this same school of thought to their children’s diets. With a bigger and bigger epidemic on our hands by the year, it is clear that this is a massive issue. Diabetes is on the rise (type 2), obesity in children is on the rise and the consumption of processed food is too.

Does it really just boil down to excess calories or is it far deeper than that? In my opinion it absolutely is! With fast foods ridden with hydrogenated fats and high fructose corn syrup along with other nasty’s we are seeing all the signs of hormonal issues caused by diet.
I would love to see it being stripped back to where it used to be – people eating proper food and showing the kids why it matters.

Something needs to be done.

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