Jack Your Metabolism In 5 Steps!

Causing a natural up-shift in metabolic rate is one of the fastest ways you can start burning more calories around the clock and in turn begin to mobilise more body fat. The question is though, how does one do that? It sounds very fancy and complicated but the truth is it is actually quite easy to do. Below are 5 things you can do with instant effect to speed your metabolism up.

1 – Drink More Water

The majority of people don’t drink enough clear water. Pretty simple isn’t it! By doing this you will be able to improve transportation of nutrients, improve digestive performance and thermogenesis as the body tries to maintain a constant temperature. Easy!

2 – Eat More

Like most people don’t drink enough, they don’t eat enough either. As a result their metabolic rate slows down as the body learns to live off less fuel. Gradually jacking up your calories is a very easy way to speed your metabolism up and enjoy more food. Who doesn’t want that?

3 – Add Spices

Spices are fantastic for adding a thermogenic twist to your diet. Get your favourite spices, chop them up and add them to your meals. The added flavour will certainly also be a welcome addition!

4 – Increase Protein

Protein is a fantastic way to speed the metabolism up because the body generally has to work that much harder to digest it. We often see people under eating on protein in any case so the added benefits will prevail. Lean meat and oily fish are great sources along with whole eggs and whey protein.

5 – Interval Training

Interval training is an amazing way to speed up your metabolism and really turn your fat burning switch on throughout the day! Due to the EPOC effect (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) your body burns more calories for the next 24+ hours to repay the oxygen debt induced from the training. Sprint for 15 seconds, rest for 45 seconds and repeat 10-15 times. That will do the trick, just once or twice a week!

Get your metabolism jacked in 5 easy steps!


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