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I’m a bit of a petrol head so in my spare time there is nothing I love to do more than read reviews on the latest tarmac tearing motor on the market. The thing is I’m often dubious about the author’s motives when they review the vehicle in question. Are they being biased? I write a lot of reviews on supplements and that is something I could never be, it would quickly make me look stupid and besides I love to help. My only issue with today’s review is that the Isopure Low Carb ''with 100% Whey Isolate'' I am testing is ‘’choco banana’’ flavour. Why is that a problem? Well, it’s like a car journalist being given a Ferrari to drive in their trademark red with added carbon fibre in the interior and then given some gourmet Italian chocolate truffles to nibble on as they make their decision on the car. It’s potentially going to sway your decision. What I am saying, in a very long winded way admittedly is that this flavour is absolutely delicious. Delicious is perhaps an overused word but in this context I mean every letter of it (and in bold!). From here on in I promise to not allow this epic taste to sway my decision!

Getting a little more serious, is Isopure  Low Carb any good? As you can imagine I have tried and tested a lot of supplements and I mean that, a LOT. Some are clearly better than others so whenever I try a new product I instantly have a range of ‘’goodness’ to compare against. Whatever product I try is up against it because I have tried the best. The great news is that Isopure Low Carb impresses big time. No, not just the flavour this time. The thing is, as the label suggests you are getting a very pure product here. There are many brands which cannot compete on this level. For that I love this product because we want the ingredients to be of high quality and that they are.

Every 30g serving provides you with over 24g of protein and 2.6g of leucine. The meaningful dosage of leucine is interesting because that means you are going to further promote protein synthesis stimulation each time you use this product. In an ideal world I think having 3 30g servings a day is a good place to start, before your training, afterwards and maybe before bed.

Another thing which I think is very important to note about Isopure Low Carb is the fact it is indeed lactose free. More and more people are finding out they don’t tolerate lactose very well and there was a time not so long ago where lactose intolerant people struggled to find protein powders of high quality. Those days are gone with protein powders like this available.

I started this review out on flavour and I will finish in the same way. The flavours (I have 3) are outstanding. Tasty, enjoyable and yet not sickly. The texture is also great; we don’t get any horrible lumps which some protein powders leave you with.

To summarise, this really is in the top 10% of whey protein isolates on the market. It is certainly a protein shake to be enjoyed as well rather than ‘’necked’’ down.

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