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Injuries are the bane of any avid sports person’s life, they are a massive inconvenience and often immensely painful. Many clouds have a silver lining yet you would be forgiven for outlining the fact this cloud is one which is exclusive to that rule! Rather than discuss common injuries and how to fix them (because after all you would need a specialist to help you with that!) we are going to talk about good habits to develop in order to help limit the risk of them occurring.

1 – Soft Tissue Work
There are few things in this world which are as relaxing and potentially as painful all at the same time. Soft tissue work isn’t always painful, it depends on the variety you choose, the practitioner and what they are treating (if there are knots in the muscle then it might get a little uncomfortable!). However, having regular soft tissue work could help sustain the clarity of your muscle tissue. This is particularly important around the scapulas where we see common issues in this area leading to posture and shoulder injuries.

2 – Stretching
We often see elite athletes displaying immense levels of flexibility and suppleness – professional footballers, tennis players and even pro bodybuilders doing the splits. When we consider these guys are exercise all of the time it is imperative they don’t get injured too often! Staying flexible is often their secret and it is said to be something Ryan Giggs swears by, a man who has played at the highest level of professional football for over two decades which is unheard of! Stretching 2-4 times a week and even attending yoga is a great way to help stay injury free. Special areas of focus would be the hips, lower back and shoulders!

3 – Foam Rolling
This is something which has become far more popular in recent years amongst elite athletes and it has filtered down to the general population. All you are doing here is using your body weight, the floor or wall and a strong roll of foam. By rolling various muscle groups against this you are ‘’rolling’’ the muscle out, helping it remain free and supple which allows for better recovery and even arguably growth!

These are 3 top habits to get used to doing on a regular basis if you want to optimise the chances of staying injury free. Remember, flexibility is going to really help you stay healthy long term. Mr Giggs is good testimony to that!

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