Holding Your Head High!

Every now and again you meet people who give you a massive surge of inspiration. Last week was one of those for me. As a coach I meet a lot of different people and this lady, originally a native of the Basque Country came to me for guidance. Her story hit a nerve; she had narrowly escaped death following a long struggle against cancer. In her own words ‘’she beat that ******’’ and she went on to say about how 7 year old children she met with leukaemia inspired her to keep fighting and stop feeling sorry for herself. Whilst I totally agree with her it was so hard to actually imagine the stress, trauma and anxiety she was subject to. Even though she witnessed kids suffering with a similar nightmare I couldn’t help but think it would be near impossible to avoid feeling sorry for yourself. But then again this lady is no ordinary lady, her mind-set is just phenomenal.

Positive vibes and energy are a corner stone of our content here on FitMag. We embrace positive mind-sets, we believe in it and the impact it can have on somebody’s well-being. My client strongly believed by staying positive she had a better chance of winning the fight and her Doctors would now have to agree with her.

In life we all get knocked down from time to time, some even get kicked several times whilst on the floor. That won’t change because we cannot stop everything, however we can absolutely choose how we react to these obstacles. Flex Lewis, now 212 Mr Olympia once told me ‘’it isn’t how hard you can hit, it is how hard you can be hit and keep getting back up.’’ That is so true. Are you going to have knock backs at some point in your life? Almost certainly! The good news is you can apply a positive attitude rather than a negative one.
And it brings me back to my initial point – when I meet people like this lady I remember just how important it is. Always remember just how powerful a positive shift in your mind-set can be. This means saying you ‘’can’’, it means keeping your head up when you want to let it hang and it means saying ‘’yes’’ to productivity when ‘’no’’ is the easier answer.

The best way to embrace this mind-set is to surround yourself with positive minded people. Those who can instil this way of thinking into your day to day life. Positive minds will always conquer.

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