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Most people fall to the symptoms of the dreaded ‘’cold’’ at least once a year, maybe more. If you find yourself being over sensitive to bugs throughout the year then you need to address your diet and lifestyle – the answer will almost always lie in there. With that said we are going to delve into how you can improve your immune function on a day to day basis and more than that how you should react to the dreaded cold when its ugly head does present itself.

The basics begin with addressing nutrients which support healthy immune function – these are vitamin C, vitamin D and antioxidant rich foods. Most people in the UK will not get sufficient vitamin D from sunlight especially in the winter so you need to cover this with a quality multi-vitamin. In doing so you will also cover all other bases on this front. Vitamin C can be had from various fruits with Kiwi having twice as much as oranges. Blueberries are also a fantastic option as they are absolutely loaded with immune boosting antioxidants!

In short, covering yourself with a solid intake of vitamin C from berries or kiwi in a daily smoothie concoction, using a quality multi-vitamin and keeping hydrated will hold you in good stead to maintain a strong immune system. Furthermore, ensure you sustain a healthy sleeping pattern and eat a balanced diet with plenty of calories. Under eating and skipping sleep are two sure fire ways to run your body into the ground and in turn make yourself susceptible to the colds and the likes of.

What happens if you do all these things and yet you still fall unlucky? You will never ‘’bullet proof’’ yourself from colds unfortunately. When they do occur it is imperative you focus on the above points. One other area you really need to focus on though is exercise. We hear about people going for jogs or to the gym in hope that they will ‘’blow the cobwebs away.’’ This isn’t the case at all! When we exercise our body facilitates the recovery process via several pathways. If the immune system is under fire from a cold then it won’t focus on recovering from exercise – in short you are simply exacerbating the issue by exercise. Rest is essential in this case! It might not be what you want to hear but a few days rest will ensure you are back up to pace by the end of the week. It’s a must!

Protect your immune system with these stellar points now!

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