Good Eating Habits - It's A Lifestyle, Not A Diet

Habits aren’t rules but they become instinctive behaviours which can lead us down a path – good or bad. Snacking on a chocolate bar and bag of crisps is a bad habit to get into, alternatively reaching for a handful of walnuts is a good habit. We aren’t talking structured eating here, tracking the numbers you ingest or anything else. We are merely talking habits which will hold you in good stead to burn some fat and maintain better health.

1 – Breakfast

Too many people either skip breakfast or eat a flimsy one at best. The problem with this is that there is little happening here to kick-start the metabolism for the day and more than that there is little to satisfy your desire for food in the next few hours. As a result by the time 11s roles around most people are ready to eat and they tend to eat sugar ridden snacks to fix that acute hunger they have developed.

Eating a hearty breakfast to start your day is a great habit to get into! High protein, some healthy fats and maybe a little fruit. How about some full fat Greek yogurt, blueberries and 1-2 boiled eggs? Simple, effective, tasty and convenient.

2 – Snack Better

If you are a ‘’snacker’’ then you need to ensure you choose more wisely. Sure, an occasional chocolate bar or packet of crisps won’t kill you but they are poor habits to maintain. Why not try PhD Diet Whey bars, a delicious protein bar which will fill you up and more than satisfy your cravings for something sweet. PopChips are another amazingly tasty snack and have less than 100 calories per serving! Certainly a great swap for a regular bag of crisps.

3 – More Nutrition

Most people under eat on the good foods which leaves them hungry, run down and agitated. Add more vegetables to your diet (as much as you want!), add more protein to your diet from lean meats and oily fish and add a little extra healthy fat from walnuts, almonds, cashews, almond butter, avocadoes, coconut oil and organic whole eggs. In doing so your body is better nurtured and your appetite will be controlled that much better!

Developing better eating habits and not restricting yourself with rules is going to be better for a large percentage of people who lead a busy work, social and family lifestyle! Good habits, good results!

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