Getting Back To Basics

The content of many articles will delve into territories which far surpass the knowledge of your average reader. The relationship between cortisol and body around the lower abdomen, insulin resistance and the benefits of Omega 3s. The list goes on and on, but sometimes we need to return to the real basics of the topic in order to get the real message home. It is so easy to overshoot the lesson by getting complex so today we are going to strip it bare.

In 3 simple points we are going back to basics!

1 – Food Quality
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that eating nutritious, natural foods is better for you rather than processed junk which is made up of 400 ingredients! However many people still get hooked in by commercials on low calorie ‘’healthy’’ snacks which are heavily processed. Let’s keep it basic – 95% of your diet should come from things which naturally come from the earth. Plenty of veg, meat, fish, fruit and the likes of.

2 – Enjoy, Don’t Rush
We live in a world of convenience where we are always rushing. Food is now of secondary importance as is our health. This is wrong. Without health what exactly do we have? It is all too easy to live of processed snacks and fall into a state of malnourishment however you know better than that! Allow yourself at least 3 proper meals a day, where you sit down, relax, turn off and enjoy your food.

3 – Learn To Cook
This message really moves on from the above point. In a world of convenience the basics are put down the bottom of the list. As a result healthy nutritious meals become monotonous bland, dry dishes because there is no scope to make them tasty! Really? Purely as an example, hot water, a chicken stock cube and 3 tablespoons of coconut milk makes a rather delicious base to add chicken and chopped vegetables in to complete a Thai themed dish. Invest a little time in learning to cook with single ingredient foods to enhance your health and relationship with food.

Beyond these three points there isn’t a load else to go over. By eating your calories from the correct foods, giving yourself more time to enjoy them and more importantly make them taste good you will go far.

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