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Losing fat….not weight….fat…..what’s that all about?!-

Losing fat is not something that just happens when you go on a “diet”, I say this because a diet to some people is not eating as many take away meals, to others it is eating 100% “clean food” and NEVER having any form of cheat/treat meal…everyone has a different idea of what dieting is so let’s just break it down…-

Fat loss takes place when we create a caloric deficit. Period. More calories burned than ingested is essential for fat loss.-

Fat loss can be helped along by feeding our body consistently with known amounts of food, so we can accurately gauge how much we are ingesting and not just guessing from just snacking or spontaneous eating and leaving it to chance, sure it’s “possible” to lose fat that way but if you’re serious about fat loss then a structured meal plan is what you must consider. -

Get that Metabolism burning HOT…RED HOT!

In order to lose fat, we must elevate our metabolism so that we burn MORE calories than we ingest over a given time period. We do this by by eating around the same amount of calories each day and lowering this number over time, exercising and thus burning more calories than we consume.-

Side Note: Before you even start a “cut” it’s always good to be eating a large amount of food, so you have a lot of calories to play with and reduce from. This takes time as you must gradually increase the amount you eat over time (without getting fat) to gradually increase your metabolism/basal metabolic rate (BMR).




A simplified yet effective structure to get you started:-

1) Eat similar foods and similar amounts of food each day so that you know how many calories you are eating…-

2) Add cardio and increase the amount you do (sessions, not time) per week to gradually increase the calories burned.-

3) Gradually decrease the amount of food you eat each week (when reducing carbs, make sure you don’t reduce them pre/post exercise too much at first as these are important for fuel and recovery, when it comes to fats don’t reduce them too far as fats are essential for many bodily functions)……this is why it’s so important to eat as much food as possible at first….Once you reduce your calories to APPROX 2,000 calories per day for an average man or slightly less for a woman then my guess would be the amount of food you are consuming is at its lowest as any less would be practically nothing and threaten your ability to function properly.-

As previously stated, this is heavily simplified and is only meant to get your started. If you are really serious then you must invest your time/resources into finding out the in-depth detail and strategies for success – coaching, eBooks etc.-

“Cardiovascular Training Insight”

You do NOT burn fat whilst on the cardio machine, so if you believe that to be true, rid yourself of that belief immediately – it is the effect cardio has on your metabolism that allows you to burn the fat over the course of the day….provided you create a deficit.-

“Metabolism Insight”

Why don’t people who eat “nothing” just lose ALL their body fat? Well if you eat small amounts of food your metabolism must slow down. If it didn’t the body would burn through all of the fat and muscle for energy in no time at all. People who eat very little have very slow metabolisms and consequently the food that those people DO eat is likely to be added as fat, this is the body’s response to poor eating habits – “clinging” onto everything it can to survive. -

“Society Insight”

I don’t see many people with six-packs walking around yet I HEAR many people who want them!…Clearly there is something missing, and that is those people do not have the KNOW HOW….get the knowledge, get the abs – don’t rationalise why you are different, as you may have seen on my page, if I can do it anyone can. -

WARNING: Many people WILL agree with what I say, many will disagree….this is coming from someone who has got very lean and remains relatively lean year round…..this doesn’t mean I “know all” just like anyone else…however, there is a huge difference between talking about losing fat with no experience and talking about it with experience, there are so many angles – mental approaches, difficulties, challenges that I had to overcome to become extremely lean….it’s not just “eat less and do cardio”….if only! -

So consider the source as always, and don’t just go on qualifications or who shouts the loudest, consider their results, whether they want to help people and their use of evidence when possible…One more point, if something doesn’t make sense to you, it may not be because it is “wrong”…it may infact be what you are missing…after all if it did make sense you would be doing it already…..and this is when you may need to take a leap of faith, so to speak.

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Train Hard. Train INTENSE!


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