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It always seems we want what we cannot have. Those who are born with the luxury of being able to live on chocolate and never gain fat whilst others can merely look at a dumbbell and gain 5lbs of muscle. The thing is though; they often have opposing appetites meaning the guys who need to eat more to gain weight don’t want the food and the ones who pack on fat overnight dream about the stuff. If ever there was an example of sod’s law this is it. Time and time again we come across young lads who need to develop the appetite of a starved lion to gain any kind of size yet their eating habits resemble something more like a 12 year old boy. The trick is then to help people in this predicament get in extra calories from quality sources without having to gorge down tonnes and tonnes of food because clearly that is going to grate on their resilience pretty quickly!

Below are 3 ways to increase your calorie intake with ease. Hard gainers, listen up!!

1 – Fats

Fats have many vital roles within the body one of which is supporting testosterone production. If you are chasing muscle mass then adding plenty of fats to your diet is a good idea. They are also very calorie dense, at 9 calories per gram (over double that of protein and carbs!!). Adding almond butter, cashew butter, parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil, organic butter and organic double cream are all easy ways to increase calorie intake AND add a LOT of flavour to your diet. Creamy coffees, cheesy meat dishes and buttery scrambled are all options now!

Why the emphasis on ‘’organic’’ with the butter and cream? Glad you asked. Organic isn’t always necessary however with butter and cream in particular we find that the fat in non-organic alternatives are loaded with toxins (toxins live in fat). With that said we always go organic in these cases.

2 – Post-Training Hunger

You have to take advantage of windows of opportunity and usually within an hour of having a hard lifting session your appetite is firing! With that said for you guys who struggle to gain weight we want to get the calories into you! We are talking a lower fat HIGH carb and protein feeding frenzy!! Don’t go silly, but a big bowl of oats berries with whey protein for dessert after a chicken and basmati rice stir fry wouldn’t be frowned upon!! Even some frozen yogurt to help it all go down would be fine. Get the point?

3 – MRPs

If appetite isn’t your strong point and neither is gaining weight then meal replacement shakes will be your friend! Our most highly recommended product in this category for you would be PhD Growth Factor Mass!

There is no excuse, where there is a will there is a way. It so happens these 3 tips above are very easy to implement! Eat to grow muscle!

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