Building Big Biceps In 5 Easy Steps!

Approximately 33% of your upper arm development comes from your biceps. Almost every man who picks up a muscle magazine and starts lifting weights desires bulging biceps – let’s be honest, they look great! Unlike a lot of cases where people neglect muscles in the gym and therefore lack development we cannot say the same for this one – it isn’t often you come across people who aren’t eager to bash their biceps up in the gym! They just do it wrong a lot of the time.

If this sounds like you – all effort and no reward, then read through the 5 bicep building tips below and learn how they will make a difference to the size of your arms!

1 – Function & Action
What is the main function of your bicep? To make your palm pace the ceiling essentially! Try it now and see if you instantly feel added tension on your bicep – you should! With that said this tells us that turning your wrist towards your forearm as you bicep curl doesn’t make sense that becomes more of a forearm builder. Next time you curl focus on cocking your wrist back! Feel the difference.

2 – Shoulder Movement
Sit and watch most guys in the gym curl heavy and you will almost certainly notice that as they lift the weight (curl) they will bring their upper arm forward. This is achieved by engaging the anterior deltoid (front of your shoulders). This means that there will be more emphasis and stress on this muscle rather than the bicep. This is a fast way to achieve very little growth within your biceps! Learn to isolate the biceps even if it means lifting less!

3- Range of Motion
Again, observe average Joe do his bicep curls. Most will only go half, maybe two thirds of the way down before lifting again. Why? Because if they used a full range of motion they wouldn’t be able to lift the weights they are using and don’t want to upset their ego. Full range of motion on bicep training is imperative for growth!

4 – Posture
A lot of people kind of scrunch themselves up when they curl forcing their traps (upper back/shoulder muscles) to become tight and their posture goes all funny. As a result the exercise becomes more about the back than biceps. Not good. Remember, isolate for growth!

5 – Frequency
If you are ‘’smashing’’ your biceps up once a week to no avail try hitting them twice, maybe three times even a week. You only need 3-5 working sets a time as they will do a lot of work on pulling movements anyway. This is in aid of stimulating muscle protein synthesis levels within the muscle more frequently!

If you haven’t had much luck on this front we hope these points will change that very soon! Train smart, train hard.


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