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The fitness industry is a big place to be and it is my belief that to reach the top you need to be willing to work endless hours, educate yourself, then some more and build a reputation based on getting people excellent results. What are excellent results? Improved health first and foremost - beyond that an improved physique, maybe performance and certainly a better understanding of food. To add to that you should also improve the client’s relationship with food. I see far too many people preaching extremes which will ultimately make people feel so low about themselves they will be scared to eat anything other than lettuce. Not good!

My inbox is filled with messages from new trainers who want advice of getting a name for themselves on a weekly basis. It is a very relevant topic. Anybody wants to be as good at their career as they can be and us trainers should be no different.

Public perception is a massive thing which is where clever marketing comes in to play. However, none of this is possible without good results to share. You should base your marketing around results of clients you have helped. If you don’t have any then get learning and get some!!

Recently I have started working with bigger names including wrestling and MMA superstar Bobby Lashley. As a child I used to play computer games as him and it is crazy to think I am now doing his nutrition plan. There are more stories like this. The point is without starting at the ground and building up with solid results with clients this wouldn’t be possible. Working with the elite is the ‘’house’’ and that house cannot be built with strong foundations.

Getting back to it here are 3 things I would focus on to build your profile.

1 – Education
You cannot go far without the right education. I’m not really talking certificates here (although some are needed and are worthwhile) but more self-learning and seminars. Follow the work of Phil Learney, Justine Maguire (who both right for FitMag!) and Nick Mitchell. This is a great place to start. Learn your craft.

2 – Practise & Perfect
Once you have done some learning put it into practise on yourself and on one or two select people. Monitor, analyse, amend and learn. This is where your protocols will be built and you will learn the most. Of course you can evolve but get some foundations in place to progress from first.

3 – Preach
Once you are getting results and you have pictures the fun begins! You need to build a following based of these pictures but be open minded enough to know different people need different things. Share your experience, knowledge and build from there. People are watching, you don’t who though! Keep it positive and keep it informative.
Getting to the top means starting at the bottom usually. The 3 points above will certainly help you move through the first few levels!

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