BCAAs Work!

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) have become a staple in most bodybuilder's, physique athletes and even sports mens supplement stacks. They are renowned for aiding in muscle recovery and growth as they are able to combat catabolism.

Below we have expert, Just Maguire's explanation as to why they are so effective!

''BCAA aids the release of insulin when glucose is present, thus increasing the drive of glucose to muscle cells.  When glucose load is not present with BCAA inclusion then the outcome will be an increase in glucagon output, this in term increases growth hormone production and leptin sensitivity. So as you can see not only are brach chain amino acids necessary for prevention of excessive proteolysis during training but they also serve a purpose in regulating energy output through hormonal adaptation.''

With that said we believe Reflex BCAAs are a great value product!

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