Attending Phil Learney's Seminar!

This weekend I had the privilege of travelling to Cardiff City to attend Phil Learney’s seminar on nutrition and training. I have attended many seminars and they often have many great take away points, I have even presented a handful myself and plan to do many more. It has to be said though, Phil sets the standard as far as I am concerned. It is one thing having such an in-depth knowledge about such a broad range of topics within nutrition and training but it is quite another being able to teach that in an intelligent yet understandable way. I once had a maths teacher who was allegedly a mathematical genius yet he was a crap teacher. If somebody didn’t get what he was saying then he was perplexed. Phil is able to make everything understandable and he made his audience relate to everything he shared.

What about the content itself? It was amazing, but I expected nothing less. Earlier this year in BodyPower I sat in on an hour seminar with Phil, it was awesome. Although I have a relatively broad idea of his beliefs from following his online platforms there is nothing better than seeing it for yourself, you learn much more this way in my opinion. As a coach I have applied various methods to different clients and it was very refreshing and helpful to hear Phil’s opinions on these topics, it really crystallised a lot of what I thought I understood to a whole new level.

I’m not going to delve too deep into the content because that would be well beyond the scope of an article, it would be more appropriate to call that a book!! However I will outline some of the take home messages which I am a strong believer in.

. Nutrition is way beyond calories and macros
. Hormone health is absolutely essential (insulin resistance can cause many more issues than fat gain!!)
. Digestive health is absolutely essential
. There are physiological issues which are directly linked with psychological issues (false hunger being one)
. Every person is an individual. Certain dietary protocols are more appropriate to certain demographics than others (contrary to the belief of hard-core IIFYM advocates)
. The start of a diet overhaul is often the most crucial period for an overweight beginner (although it remains important going forward)

The cost of the seminar was £175 and that is CHEAP for the amount of knowledge you will take away from this. It represents unbelievable value which is to me what counts. As a coach I am already better as a result of the knowledge I learned as will the others who attended. Phil also shared his experiences as a coach which you can’t buy, it made a lot of sense and enlightened me.

On a personal level, I have suffered with a lower back injury from deadlifting (with ‘’good’’ form might I add). I have spent 12 months with a physio, the pain isn’t really any less. My girlfriend has dislocated both of her knees within the last 24 months. Without going into the details – it took him about 8 seconds to diagnose what my problem is (and then prescribe a solution) and not much longer for my girlfriend. He then got me doing exercises and although they looked the same by using his coaching experience he made me make small changes which made a massive difference.

To sum it up, I was extremely impressed and will absolutely be attending each of his seminars next year and if he ever offers internships I will be the first to sign up regardless of the cost!

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