Anabolic Designs Syntha Charge Reviewed!

Anabolic Designs as a brand has developed into a market leader which has become synonymous with quality and innovation. One of the latest additions to their line of products is SynthaCharge. Like the name suggests, it literally charges the body with a complex of amino acids which make for great reading.

The key component of SynthaCharge is a free form L-leucine which is one of the most crucial amino acids to any individual interested in building lean muscle tissue. Anabolic Designs have complemented the L-leucine with a concoction of other amino acids which work synergistically to accelerate the effects of the product.

Why is it important? L-leucine gets to work by stimulating the mTOR pathway which in turn stimulates muscle protein synthesis levels (MPS). This is absolutely essential in order to allow the body to synthesise all of the protein you are ingesting. Whilst leucine exists naturally in our diet studies support the idea that supplementing it up-regulates muscle protein synthesis (MPS) to a level which makes it worthwhile.

The other element of SynthaCharge which is massively innovative is the pro-biotic PH protection matrix. This is an ingredient complex designed to act as a protector to the amino acids once the capsules enter the harsh acidic environment of the stomach. In doing so it can help protect the integrity of the amino acids which means they simply have longer to make an impact on muscle protein synthesis (MPS) levels.

I love this product and I can personally vouch for it because I use it regularly. In regards to dosage it will depend on your body weight and diet however I like to use 3-5g before 2 of my meals and then the same dosage again immediately post-training.

If you are after a supplement which is able to promote muscle growth, recovery and has plenty of solid science literature behind it you won’t go wrong with Anabolic Designs Synthacharge!

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