5 Ways To Enjoy Fatty Foods!

For all the rubbish spoken about how fats are bad there is an awful lot of good things to be said for them. Good fats can help lower LDL cholesterol which is the ‘’bad’’ one, they can improve cognitive function, improve energy levels, improve satiety and generally boost health. What is there not to like? For those who think fats are bad remember this. Along with protein they are an ‘’essential’’ nutrient which means your body requires them. Don’t forget that one.

There always seems to be this idea that if something tastes good it cannot be healthy. Rubbish! As a bit of fun we are going to go through some great fat sources and explore how you should enjoy them.

1 – Organic Double Cream

Yep we said CREAM! Double cream is a fantastic source of fats with approximately 50% of it being saturated fat and the rest split between unsaturated fats. Combined these provide several benefits to the body.
The best way to enjoy organic double cream? In your coffee.

2 – Parmesan Cheese

Who doesn’t ask for a sprinkling of this lovely rich cheese over their pasta dish when they are out at the local Italian? Parmesan is fantastic because it is carb free which means sugar free (many dairy foods are high in sugar) and it is also very high in protein – over 30g for every 100g!
The best way to enjoy parmesan cheese? Over your meal of course!

3 – Organic Eggs

Whole eggs have been brandished with a bad name in the fitness industry with claims they heighten your cholesterol. Yes they do, your ‘’good’’ cholesterol known as HDL which in turn helps lower LDL levels (remember, the ‘’bad’’ one).
Best way to enjoy organic eggs? Scrambled with kale and cheese!

4 – Cashew Butter

There are very few foods on this earth that will put a smile on your face like cashew butter will. Loaded with healthy fats and being ultra-convenient you cannot go wrong.
The best way to enjoy cashew butter? Over your egg whites!

5 – Smoked Salmon

This one was saved until last because it really is a ‘’marmite’’ food. Some love it and others hate it. We happen to think it is a fantastic food choice and it is very convenient. Loaded with omega 3s and protein it makes for the perfect snack.
The best way to enjoy smoked salmon? With a salad and scrambled eggs!

Fatty foods are fantastic and as you now know they are essential to your diet, literally. Remember though with over twice as many calories as in protein or carbs (gram for gram) it is easy to over eat! Enjoy!

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