3 Tips For Fat Loss!

There are an awful lot coaches out there today who will knock you a diet plan up but is that a long term solution? Probably not, unless you have unlimited financial resources and you enjoy having no control over what you eat. If on the other hand you do want to learn how to choose the best foods for yourself then you need to learn the ropes. Sometimes rules and pointers are better than absolutes because they provide you with the necessary tools to make the right decisions and act accordingly.

Below are 3 ‘’rules’’ you can apply to your current nutrition regime as a means to test your rate of progression and in turn spot areas you need to change and adapt. Today we are talking specifically for fat loss!

1 – Hunger
Most people do not eat enough! As a result when they progress on a fat loss plan they end up eating less and less. Guess what? The metabolic adaptation which occurs means that you go on a downward spiral. On a fat loss plan we don’t want to fall into a place where you are never hungry because that indicates the metabolism is possibly slow. Start with plenty of food, it might feel a lot but within 2-3 weeks the same amount of food should be easy. The metabolism has sped up! Periodically throw in a high carb day. If you are super hungry the next 1-2 days you know it has worked!!

2 – Strength
Even on a diet where you are in a calorie deficit you shouldn’t experience dramatic reductions in strength! If you do then your diet isn’t right. If you find your strength and energy is falling drastically then you need to increase calories. Also look at your carb intake around your workouts, both before and after!

3 – Cravings
If your diet is serving you correctly you shouldn’t suffer with cravings all of the time. Sure, every now and then you might fancy a bit of chocolate but if that’s all that is on your mind something is wrong. Often a lack of fat and protein are to blame here combined with a lack of carbohydrate control which in turn leaves your blood sugar levels all over the place. Try and be consistent, eat every 3-4 hours, don’t let yourself get hungry and up your protein and fat and move your carbs to the pre/post workout window!
Just by taking note on these 3 points you can learn a lot about the changes you need to make on your diet.

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