3 Super Breakfasts! Start Your Day The Right Way. . . . .

Breakfasts rich in protein and fat in the absence of carbohydrates have really become popular over the last couple of years within the fitness industry. Charles Poliquin was a big advocator of what he called the ‘’meat and nuts’’ breakfast and it has grown from there. Legends like Vince Gironda who was way ahead of his time also liked to do something similar. Most people who switch to what we call the ‘’pro/fat’’ breakfast find that they are more alert due to improved cognitive function, they experience less hunger in the day and they are often able to combat insulin resistance more affectively which makes fat loss much easier! We like to call this the ‘’super human’’ breakfast and we believe in it so much we have come up with our top 3 versions. Brace yourself, these might go against the grain a little of your toast with peanut butter and egg whites.

1 – Smoked Salmon, Scrambled Organic Eggs & Kale

This breakfast would be better received somewhere like Italy for sure but we should take a leaf out of their book! A slice or two of smoked salmon seasoned with sea salt and black pepper covered with a couple of scrambled organic eggs cooked in organic butter makes quite the combination. Kale adds flavour, texture and fibre! This is a fantastically healthy protein and fat breakfast.

2 – Cheesy Meatballs

This sounds too good, almost like something off a fast food chain menu however it really is an option, a great one at that. Producing your own meat balls with lean mince beef, bonded together with egg whites and with the addition of grated carrot and red onion taste amazing with a generous shaving of parmesan cheese over the top.

3 – Super Pro/Fat Shake

Sometimes when you are in a rush and on the go the best option is a protein shake. In this instance we would recommend you go with a whey protein such as IsoPure Zero Carb and add extra virgin olive oil in the shake along with your water before giving it a good shake!! Also have a small handful of almonds or macadamia nuts with it to add some crunch!

The high protein and high fat breakfast combo has gained a lot of momentum over the last few years and we believe it can help a lot of our readers get leaner, more healthy and improve their energy levels. Give it a try!

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