3 Steps To Faster Growth!

Almost every individual who trains in a gym to enhance the shape and appearance of their physique will have better developed muscle groups than others. We all have some which grow faster than others. Sometimes genetics are all there is to know, nothing more can be said or done to explain why. That doesn’t mean that you cannot do something about your lazier muscle groups though in order to make them play catch up.

In a simple step by step plan we have outlined 3 key areas you can focus on immediately to accelerate the growth of muscle tissue within your weakest muscles groups whichever they may be.

1 – Mind To Muscle Connection
This is a term used frequently within muscle building circles and you should take heed. As you train a specific muscle you should be able to feel it move all the way through each rep. That’s the start, middle and finish. Each burn, each tare and each kilo of punishing tension placed on your muscle should be felt. If you cannot ‘’feel’’ the muscles working they probably are not, at least to their maximal capacity. To improve this practise flexing and tensing the weak muscle through a full range of motion as you would with weight. Visualise that muscle working in your mind, work on it! This is your foundation to growth as you are able to recruit more muscle fibres within that muscle, without it you will be chasing your tail forever more.

2 – Training Frequency
The next port of call to accelerate growth within less developed muscles is to train them more frequently! There is an overriding myth within the fitness industry that hitting a muscle group more than once a week is over training. It isn’t. Natural (not drug assisted) individuals experience an increase in muscle protein synthesis levels (which supports recovery and growth within a muscle) for 48 hours post-training. That means it returns to basal rate after this. Why wait another 5 days to train that muscle again? Train the weak muscle twice or even three times a week to force MPS levels to remain high. Remember, stimulation is the key to growth.

3 – More Reps
When people complain about certain muscles failing to grow they overlook the fact that they are training one way and one way only. Usually within the 8-12 rep range they never delve into new territories which might be the reason certain muscles don’t grow (especially quads, calves and deltoids in this instance due to their higher slow twitch muscle fibre population). Try going for 15-20 reps on occasions, sometimes 25-30.

Marrying all three points together creates a very comprehensive battle plan to force growth even within the most stubborn muscles.

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