Advanced Shoulder Work With Phil Learney! ''Boulder Shoulders'' Part 2

Following on from my PARTIAL BOULDER DEVELOPMENT article this is another alternative approach to shoulder development. This is keeping the triceps fresh so we can work them separately.

A. Prone Rear Delt Swings (This is lying face down on an incline bench, these are swings with no squeeze of the upper back so we keep the load in the posterior delts. The weight will only come up to about 45 degrees)

4 sets 20-30 Reps 1111 Tempo, tension is kept continuous. 60 s rest.


B1. Heavy Partial Side Laterals with a hook at the top of the lift. (The weight is taken from the sides standing, raised only about 10-12″ to the sides then at the top the elbows are driven in a trajectory towards the ears)

4 sets 25 Reps 1111 Temp

B2. High leaning cable lateral raises. (The cable is brought to 45 degrees about the shoulder so HIGH)

4 sets 25 Reps 1111 Temp Rest 60-75s then repeat.

C. Partial Rep Machine press 4/1 Reps (4 partial reps followed by a full rep, 5 sequences so 25 total reps, set the machine so the handles are well below the line of the shoulders BIG stretch at the bottom)

4 sets 25 Reps 1111 Temp

Shoulders done…….triceps should you wish.

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