Why Do 'Thunder Thighs' Happen?

You only need to look at the cover of women's magazines to know that most females are very self-conscious of the amount of fat disposed around their love handles, bum and thighs. One of the key controllable reasons for this are xenobiotics, which are foreign drugs or organisms that disrupt the hormonal balance of androgens.

Xenobiotics have unique protein structures that cause immune dysregulation. As such they put strain on the detoxification process of the liver. The liver is the hormonal powerhouse of the endocrine system because it aids the conversion and utilisation of hormones regulated by the hypothalamus. Liver health has a significant relationship (highly linked) to neurological signalling of the hypothalamus to regulate homeostasis through hormonal output.

When our liver is under constant detoxification attack the result is poorly communicated hormonal signalling and increased toxin storage. Our bodies store excess toxins that can not be actively metabolised in our fat cells. Therefore, when we expose ourselves to a high levels of pollutants we will cause cellular displacement and increase toxic fat accumulation.

Ladies have an even greater risk factor as most xenobiotics have a similar chemical code to that of endogenous (internally produced) oestrogen. This causes a double negative effect, in that oestrogens are anabolic in storing fat for survival (women have a greater need to store fat to survive child birth), while xenobiotics negatively impact androgen levels. The result is a compounded estrogen response and a lowered androgen output accompanying excessive toxin storage in fat cells that proliferate because of an imbalance in the oestrogen/androgen profile.

What can be done? Many steps of digestion and or nutrient substrates can be added to a refurbished eating plan that will enable our bodies to detoxify and re-regulate hormonal balance. The next article will cover in more detail ''what'' can be done now you know ''why'' it happens!

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