What Motivates You?

Last night I was sat at the computer answering question after question on our weekly ‘’Q and A’’ session and someone asked me – ‘’how do you stay motivated?’’ For every question I get on this I will get 10 on how to build big arms. It’s motivation that makes me really tick and I think it’s because a lot of what I have seen and gone through in life has taught me well on this particular subject. I also feel it’s the foundation of any success or progress you achieve – the best diet and training plan in the world will be redundant if you lack the motivation to apply it on the daily!

First of all, you need to get competitive with yourself and yourself only! Don’t compare yourself to other people because it isn’t entirely relevant. They might have more time than you, money, resources, better genetics and all that will do is pull you down mentally. Concentrate on being a better version of you on a regular basis. That will motivate! Looking back at pictures from 8 weeks ago and thinking ‘’WOW, I have changed!’’

Positivity is as powerful as negativity – you need to choose which one you want in your life. Choose to surround yourself by people who are positive, endearing and forward thinking rather than those who pull you back, are negative and put you down. They won’t do you any favours – leading a life loaded with positivity will!

Finally and it’s the big one – know your ‘’why!’’ Many people will not really know why they want to achieve something which is bad because there is no instant motivation to stick to a plan when you don’t quite feel like it. If on the other hand you DO know your ‘’why’’ then making the necessary efforts when you don’t feel like it will come much easier. If you don’t know then write a list of things which inspire you, motivate you and things you genuinely want to achieve. From there you can build a ‘’tool box’’ of motivation. GO!

That in a nutshell optimises motivation to me, staying positive, knowing why you want something and concentrating on your own progress rather than others. If more people adopted this mind-set I believe more and more would feel more motivated to achieve their goals!

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