The ''Best'' Route To A New Lifestyle!

Beginners will often make the same mistakes over and over again when planning their ‘’new’’ revamped nutrition plan. One of the most common errors they make is trying to emulate what someone like Usain Bolt, Jay Cutler or Johnny Wilkinson will be doing. Eating everything for optimal results. On the face of it this looks like a bright idea but when you delve a little deeper into it there are many apparent issues we could potentially face.

The point is for a so-called ‘’everyday’’ Joe or Jane we don’t want you to fall into the age old trap of moving in and out of good and bad phases – one week you eat like an Olympian and the next a binge eating champion pie scoffer. It doesn’t make for good progress or health.

Therefore what might be optimal i.e. specific foods at specific times of the day might be the wrong choice for you. Why? Let’s say that we determine you should be eating white fish before your workout because of the fast digesting properties yet you cannot stomach the stuff. Sure, you will force it down for 5 days, maybe 10. However then it becomes too much, it’s the last thing you think of at night and the first thing on your mind when you rise. Not good. It would be far better to replace that with a flavoursome whey protein shake and look forward to it rather than resent it.

We need to remember that whilst progress is important enjoying life is arguably more so. Dogmatic approaches which are completely and utterly rigid work and have their place, yet few people will bond well with such protocols. They will eventually mentally combust and when they do they will often find themselves on a downward spiral until they feel so bad they get ‘’on it’’ again and the cycle begins again.

Many people will be reading this thinking ‘’gosh, that’s me’’ and it’s no surprise – stories like this are rife in our industry. The take home message is to enjoy your new lifestyle rather than create a bubble which will inevitably burst.

Include variation; after all it is the spice of life. Make a list of food you really enjoy. Try and implement as many of them into your plan as possible, where possible. Again, it is about enjoying the things you eat. Yes there will be compromises, however finding a balance rather than flitting from one extreme to the next is far better!

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