The Best Piece Of Motivation - Beating Yourself

Yesterday I was filmed for a new training series for TV and they asked me a question on the spot – ‘’what is your best motivational advice?’’ As much as I love to motivate I cannot stand cheesy one liners which are reeled off one by one. They carry almost no substance in my opinion, unless their truly golden.
I pondered for a few seconds, after all this clip was meant to last 60 seconds in total. Then it came to me, my single best piece of advice for you in relation to motivation is this ‘’beat yourself.’’

Please do not walk away now without reading the full story otherwise you might end up misconstruing what I mean!

In a world where social media controls a lot of interaction we see people from all around the world. Instead of seeing others local to you with a great physique to compare yourself to you see just about everyone there is out there. With that said it is essential you get what I am saying.

It is so easy to look at others, compare yourself and feel down – you don’t feel as big, muscular, and strong or lean as them perhaps. Unless you are stepping on stage against somebody it really doesn’t matter. Why?

We all have unique journeys and with that our genetics, lifestyle and resources will partially dictate your progress. What you need to do is focus on bettering yourself on a regular basis. If you can look back every 6 months and see that you are stronger, bigger, leaner and healthier then take it from me – you are on a winning path.
That is all that counts after all, progress. Somebody else’s progress shouldn’t be something to compare your own by because we are all unique and as a result will inevitably progress at different rate.

To conclude, being a better you is the best thing you can do!

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