Protein - The King Of Macros!

The process of detoxification and homeostatic balance is highly dependant on the available proteins our bodies contain. From liver detoxification to muscle anabolism, our bodies use proteins throughout the day more so than any other form of macronutrient. Ensuring a protein balance is sustained throughout the day is not only vital for muscle mass but also that of immunity ...and detoxification.

The liver uses the first 30g of protein metabolism for the process of detoxification, following this an additional 30g of protein is used to regulate immunity. Immunity is affected by the amount of available protein our bodies have to manufacture antibodies.

Antigens (foreign viruses) cause an adaptive immune response to facilitate the production antibodies. Antibodies are created from protein molecules as the ability of protein to fold into a myriad of shapes to bind to the antigen is high in comparative to other molecular structures. Therefore, due to proteins high binding affinity to antigens, we need to be aware that protein is by far the first point of immune defence against microbial infection.


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