Protecting Your Graft - Physique Maintenance Explained!

If getting a beach body was your initial goal maintaining it has almost certainly become the new one. Many people fall at this hurdle, in fact more so than at the first. They morph into a head turning specimen within a relatively short time yet fail to sustain the consistency necessary to remain in that same shape. This is an area we feel isn’t spoken about enough, the maintenance phase of your plan. Therefore we are going to cover that in today’s newsletter.

A lot of people will find their metabolism will slow down as they get leaner, partly due to the gradual reduction in calories. With that said the maintenance phase needs to address this, gradually build it back up and still support your body composition. With that said we recommend increasing calories initially from fats by 10% per a day, for 7 days. Thereafter provided you aren’t gaining too much fat you can then increase it weekly in small increments. In short, you are looking to slowly increase fat and carbohydrate intake.

Top Tip – when increasing carbohydrate intake look to do it post-workout initially. Glucose tolerance is improved during this time of the day!

This is the key area and where most go broke. They suddenly introduce all the foods they couldn’t have during the transformation phase where they metabolic and hormonal levels cannot tolerate them and gain weight FAST! If you can apply enough discipline to gradually increase calories as outlined above in a ‘’reverse diet’’ fashion then you will in no time be looking even better, be able to eat more food and in turn gain more freedom.

Once you can sustain this having gone through the process of ‘’reverse dieting’’ you can then begin to evolve your diet to the point where you can plan for a wider variety of foods and calories.

The moral of the story here is to be consistent and smart. Maintaining a physique requires more discipline than achieving it in many ways.

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