L-Glutamine - The Essential ''Non-Essential''

Glutamine is not classified as an essential amino acid because your body is able to manufacture it. However, it is one of the most vital amino acids in immunology through its role in maintaining acid profile through ammonia removal, and erythrocyte health and balance is very closely linked to liver health and kidney function.

Glutamine is not only an ammonia scavenger but also a very important amino acid in the regulation of growth hormone output. As glutamine is able to bypass the blood-brain barrier, the anterior pituitary gland will be directly stimulated by glutamine intake.

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Here are the most amazing benefits from glutamine supplementation

1. Increased energy as a carbon donor to the citric acid cycle
2. Increased anabolism through nitrogen donation
3. Increased erythrocyte health and associated nutrient assimilation
4. Greater growth hormone output which increases insulin sensitivity and recovery
5. Regulates acid bace balance in the kidneys. Great when taking creatine supplementation

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