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This week I have asked my colleague Nick Daniel to discuss gut health and pro-biotics. For me this is a much over looked topic which is why I wanted the readers of FitMag to learn about it from a true expert!

''To understand the reason to why bad bacteria in the gut effects the way the body clears estrogens we have to understand a little about the liver detoxification pathways.

There are six detoxification pathways of the liver, three of which detoxifies estrogens. One of these is the glucuronidation pathway. This is when the toxins/estrogens are bonded with glucuronic acid for the process of excretion.

Unfortunately this can be reversed by Beta Glucuronidase enzymes. These enzymes are produced by pathological bacteria and cause the estrogens and glucorinic acid to split. This sends the free estrogens back into the blood system and around the body.

This is obviously a problem for so many reasons such as sex hormone imbalances, fat accumulation and can cause serious health issues like cancer. There is a high correlation between cancer patients and excessive beta glucuronidase.''  Nick Daniel

In conclusion, utilising a pro-biotic supplement could certainly help remedy the outlined issues by Nick in the above post.

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