Getting Nerdy! Lypolysis Activation Explained

The role of lypolysis is complex yet serves purpose to energy maintenance and balance. During times of stress and once immediate glycogen stores are not able to re-synthesize ATP efficiently, the outcome will be increased fat mobilisation for energy synthesis.

The way in which we activate the metabolism of fats through energy is through activation of our G-coupled protein re...ceptors. Once G-coupled protein receptors are activated a cascade of interaction take place:

1. Camp is released
2. Camp stimulates protein kinase A
3. Protein kinase A stimulates hormone sensitive lipase which catabolises fat for energy

This process, however, must be initiated through activation of G-coupled protein receptors. As such, a high lactic threshold must be attained to warrant this activation. Lactic acid accumulation leads to the activation and release of heat shock proteins which then activate ghrelin release which in turn activates HGH release creating an environment for eventual fat metabolism.

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