Food And Muscle Growth - What Really Matters

My ‘Project X’ article which was recently published has brought about a lot of interest in my training philosophies for which I am deeply humbled. That isn’t the official name of what I do, it’s just that I have no sexy acronym or catch phrase to label my training methods so we decided to keep it simple. For those of you who missed it be sure to have a read by clicking on the link above. It will make this article more relevant to you.

So, you are looking to add some size and you have decided you are going to submerge yourself in ‘Project X’ for 10-12 weeks and see how you go. Of course, I want you to think very carefully about your eating habits. Unless you are the kind of person who gets a pump when flicking channels on the remote control (my training partner!!) then you need to make sure your efforts in the gym are backed on a wholesale level with your efforts in the kitchen.

What I won’t do is write a diet out here, it would be as useful as a chocolate tea pot because each and every one of you is different. What I will do is right out some fundamentals which will act as guidelines on your journey to mass!

1 – Eat To Grow

If you want to grow then you need to eat accordingly. So many people try the latest training methods to under eat, it doesn’t add up! My recommendations on a calorie basis is usually anywhere between 18-25 calories per pound of body weight. Lean individuals who struggle to gain weight (ectomorphs) will be at the high end of the spectrum as where endomorphs will tend to be at the lower end of the scale.

2 – Macros

Whilst calorie intake is significantly important so are macro splits. There is no single split I can advise because it depends. However, I always recommend at least 1.5g of protein per pound lean body weight and sometimes as much as 2g. From here your fat and carbohydrate intake need to make up the rest. If you are an ectomorph then I would suggest approximately 75% of these calories come from carbs and the rest from fat. In contrast, if you are an endomorph I would go the opposite way. From there I would then add calories from either energy source as you see fit. Personally when adding extra carbs in I always do so around your workouts first where fuel is needed the most.

3 – Meal Frequency

Many say it doesn’t matter but I was taught different by some of the best bodybuilders and coaches to ever live. With that said I still maintain eating every 2-3 hours is best for muscle mass because of improved nitrogen retention, protein synthesis and I think it also helps with appetite control.

Supplements also play a big role on your journey to mass! We will cover this in a separate piece soon!

If you are using ‘Project X’ in the gym make sure you are using ‘Project Nutrition’ out of it!

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